House System

House System Mission Statement

God exists, desires to be known, and for us to live in response to Him. The House System at Bayshore exists to point students to God, to shape them by His Truth to love whatsoever is just, pure, lovely, and virtuous, and to prepare them to joyfully engage the world with their faith and reason. Each house provides opportunities for student fellowship, service, leadership, and discipleship across grades in the Logic and Rhetoric School.

Domus Ignis

theme virtue: fortitude

Domus Aurae

theme virtue: prudence

Domus Aquae

theme virtue: temperance

Domus Terrae

theme virtue:

Domus Lunae

theme virtue:

Domus Stellae

theme virtue: hope

Domus Solis

theme virtue: love

House Leadership:

Every BCS House will have at least two full-time Upper School faculty members assigned to it. Each BCS House also has student leaders serving as a captain and prefects. In addition, other student leaders from each grade will serve in positions of leadership after being elected by their peers.

House Activities

The House system is intended to cultivate a strong, unified culture throughout the Upper School. In order for the houses to grow more unified, students need to spend intentional time together to cultivate community as brothers and sisters in Christ. The following are activities that students will participate in together within their houses:

  • Colloquy 
  • House Meetings & campus service 
  • Intramural competitions
  • Service projects 

House Cup Competition

Each year the Houses will compete to win the House Cup. The winning House should be the House that has habitually exhibited the four core values to the greatest degree throughout the year. The competition between Houses is intended to create camaraderie and levity.

Point System:
 Faculty and staff are encouraged to contribute to the competitive spirit by rewarding or removing House Points. House Points are awarded to celebrate the values we aim to promote and subtracted to discourage behaviors and attitudes that are destructive to the school’s values.