Preschool provides an inspiring introduction to Classical Education for little minds. Classic works of art and music, famous composers and masters from the past, as well as scientific concepts will be introduced as the children experience creative movement, play games, listen to stories, learn poetry, sing songs, and make crafts. We gently introduce phonics and math as we prepare children for Kindergarten. The students will learn a few Latin phrases to pique their interest in the language. Preschool will provide a strong foundation for your child’s future education.    

Preschoolers will learn the basics of classroom expectations and behavior through play and fun. Biblical values of prayer, service, compassion, and obedience will be taught through interactive stories and questions. Students are encouraged to build habits of giving attention and respect, listening, following instructions, and cleaning up after themselves through methods that respect a child’s innate wonder and desire for self-discovery.   

What makes Preschool different? 

  • Math and Phonics are introduced with gentle, age-appropriate methods and curriculum. 
  • Fine art, famous composers, beautiful music, and inspiring scientific discoveries are shared with the children. 
  • Students enjoy wonderful works of classic children’s literature. 
  • Bible stories and character training along with scripture and catechism memory work provide a basic foundation of Bible knowledge. 
  • Creative movement, multi-sensory learning, and whole-brain integration  learning techniques are woven into each lesson. 
  • Learning is a delight at Preschool!