Academic and College Advising

BCS is a Life-Preparatory school. Our students are here with us for a short season of their life, but it is our prayer that their time here at BCS lays the foundation for life-long learning, service to others, and a love of Christ.

Our Mission

Our mission is to graduate students with a Biblical worldview who will inspire, impact, and serve their communities. Our students will be critical thinkers who are academically and spiritually prepared for college and their life’s calling. They will be defenders of the Christian faith and able to exquisitely articulate that defense. They will be lovers of whatsoever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and virtuous.

We aim to find our students well prepared in all situations, possessing both information and the knowledge of how to use it. We desire that they be socially graceful and spiritually gracious; equipped with and understanding the tools of learning; desiring to grow in understanding, yet fully realizing the limitations and foolishness of the wisdom of this world.

We desire that they have a heart for the lost and the courage to seek to dissuade those who are stumbling towards destruction; that they distinguish real religion from religion in form only; and that they possess the former, knowing and loving the Lord Jesus Christ. And all these we desire them to possess with humility and gratitude to God.

Community Service is an integral part of our mission at BCS. Beginning in Grammar School, students serve others through Mercy Field Trips. In 9th-12th grade, Community Service Hours are part of a graduation requirement. Students are provided many opportunities to minister to others through acts of service. Over the course of the school year, our students volunteer as tutors, Thomas Hospital auxiliary members, camp counselors, VBS leaders, and ESL instructors. The student body organizes a “Strike Out Childhood Cancer” Benefit, a canned food drive, and fundraisers for Samaritan’s Purse to purchase farm animals for needy families in third-world countries each year. Our Rhetoric School students average a minimum of 2,300 community service hours a year. Each year, a number of BCS students earn the Presidential Volunteer Service Award which is reserved for young adults who complete more than 100 community service hours that year.

The Academic Guidance Department begins working with students as early as 7th grade to develop study skills that will serve them throughout their academic career. Beginning in 9th grade, students are encouraged to begin building a strong resume and academic portfolio that will position them well for college admissions and scholarships. College Board test prep is offered to students in 10th-12th grade for maximization of test scores which translates to larger scholarship offers. Students will have the opportunity to visit with many college representatives and to hear from career professionals from many different fields here on campus throughout the year.  A strong academic course of study in conjunction with the support of the Academic Guidance Department establishes readiness for higher education.

Navigating the College Admissions process can be overwhelming. Our Academic Guidance Department will work directly with students throughout the application for admissions, scholarships, and financial aid. The college acceptance rate of BCS graduates is one hundred percent.