Grammar School: Kindergarten – 6th Grade

As you walk through the halls of our Grammar School,  you will hear children singing, reciting poetry, and chanting memory work.  If you step inside a classroom, you will be greeted by a cheerful good morning from the students and treated to a class recitation of their favorite poem or song.  Just outside the back door, you will see a playground full of children enjoying the outdoors and recess games.  If you visit us on Chapel Day, your heart will lighten as you listen to over 200 students singing and worshipping the Lord together.

If you linger during your visit you will begin to notice that our students happily memorize significant amounts of information.  You will hear the teachers connecting biblical themes with the lessons being taught in each subject.  You will see a teacher pause to disciple hearts and gently correct behavior.  You will smile as you listen to a dramatic retelling of an ancient historical event or watch a class enthusiastically compete in a Latin game.

A favorite highlight of Grammar School is the thematic Special Days that each grade enjoys.  After studying a topic or time period, the students prepare costumes, recitations, presentations, and songs.  Parents and teachers provide activities, thematic food, and decorations.  Family members and other grades are invited to attend and all enjoy watching the presentations.  Our Special Days include: Nursery Rhyme Day, Fairy Tale Day, International Day, Safari Day, Little House Day, Egypt Day, Greek Olympics, Roman Feast, Monk Day, Medieval Faire, Plymouth Play, Lewis & Clark Day, and Hobbit Play.

Grammar School teachers fill young minds with foundational information in an engaging manner that instills a love of learning.  Our teachers show children how to appreciate the true, good, and beautiful by captivating their imagination, intellect and emotions.  The connecting thread of a biblical worldview is woven throughout each day.  Our teachers live out their faith in their classrooms, taking every opportunity to point the students to God and nourish a love for Him in their hearts.  Grammar school at Bayshore is a delightful place of learning. We invite you to come take a closer look.

Grammar School Highlights

A Look at Grammar School