Common Questions

The classical approach to education follows the natural development of a child’s intellect. Beginning with the “grammar” level by presenting the basic facts and principles of learning, then progressing to the “logic” level of ordering information, Classical education matures in the “rhetoric” stage where students learn to think critically, integrate information, and communicate effectively. Classical education is designed to develop life-long learners who know what they believe, why they believe it, and how to winsomely communicate it as they impact the culture for Christ.

As we educate students using a Christian worldview, we seek to develop their understanding of the gospel; encourage their love for God and for His creation; and strengthen their ability to express and defend the Christian faith.

Bayshore is the right school for you If you are:

  • Seeking to teach your children to love and worship Christ through family discipleship and church membership.
  • Committed to training your child to become respectful, hard-working students….
  • Willing to partner with the BCS Faculty and Staff in a relationship that values learning, discipleship, and community…..

If this describes you, we invite you to schedule a visit to learn more about our school.

Yes, we are accredited through the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS).

No, our academic teaching goals are not based on the common core state standards. We follow a classical course of study with the goal of educating the whole child—mind, body, and soul. We employ classical methodologies that provide the tools that meet the students’ developmental abilities. We use Christian curriculum, agnostic curriculum, original source texts, and other educational resources to help us meet each grade’s academic goals. We teach the children to evaluate what they read using the lens of a biblical worldview.

Currently, our average class size is 20 students. Our maximum class size is 22 students. Grammar School classes that exceed 18 students are assigned a teacher’s aide.

Standardized tests give a glimpse into the knowledge and test skills of the students.  While BCS students score well on standardized tests in comparison with public and private schools, our curriculum at Bayshore is best measured by the fruit produced in our graduates.

Yes, we nurture a strong relationship between our school faculty and parents. Parents are invited and encouraged to visit classes anytime and to assist us in a variety of volunteer opportunities both in the classroom and in support of our various events.

We welcome students of any race, color, nationality, and ethnic origin. We are a covenant school and require that at least one parent profess faith in the Christian doctrines of salvation.  We require that the family is a member in good standing with a local church and submit a positive pastoral reference.  We require that the student successfully pass the BCS placement test and complete the prerequisites for the grade they wish to enter.  We require that the student exhibits appropriate levels of behavior and maturity.

At this time, we are unable to meet the educational needs of students who would require a separate classroom, program or staff. Students with mild disability/exceptionality, who are able to fully participate in our BCS classrooms, are expected to meet the same academic and behavioral standards as the other students in their grade. Minor academic accommodations can be given to the students who are currently receiving ongoing academic therapy from a licensed, private therapist off-site. As space and scheduling allows, private therapists are permitted to visit BCS for student pull-outs.

  • BCS 7th-12th grade Upper School students have the opportunity to participate in Varsity Sports, JV Sports, Theatre Club, Vocal Ensemble, Robotics, Mu Alpha Theta, Latin Club, Creative Writing Club, Ambassador Program, and the House Leadership Program
  • BCS K-6th grade Grammar School students have the opportunity to participate in a Youth Development League (YDL) and a wide variety of classes offered through our Master’s Center after-school program.

The BCS Masters Center offers a wide variety of after-school classes for students, such as:

  • Music Lessons: piano, guitar, ukulele, voice, percussion, etc.
  • STEAM classes and Lego Club
  • Equestrian and Wrestling Club
  • Before-Care and After Care

2023/24 Tuition Rates:

  • Preschool $3,020
  • Kindergarten $6,140
  • First – Sixth Grades $7,280
  • Seventh – Twelfth Grades $7,700
  • Preschool 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (five days per week)
  • Kindergarten – Sixth Grade 7:55 a.m. – 2:35 p.m.
  • Seventh – Twelfth Grade 7:55 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
  • School Office 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Before Care 7:00 a.m. – 7:30 a.m.
  • After Care & Masters Center Classes 3:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
  • Kindergarten – Twelfth Grade Carline 7:30 a.m. – 7:55 a.m.

The purpose of our uniform and dress code policy is to promote unity, modesty, and order. Uniforms lessen classroom distractions and reduce peer pressure.

  • Students in 3rd-8th grades study Latin.
  • Students in 9th-12th grades choose to study two years of Latin, Spanish or French.

Bayshore Christian School is a ministry of and under the authority of Eastern Shore Presbyterian Church (PCA). BCS uses The Westminster Confession of Faith as the summary of what we believe the Bible teaches and it guides our approach to Christian education. The Statement of Faith is the foundation of beliefs on which Bayshore Christian School is based and will constitute the substance of what is considered primary doctrine.

Bayshore Christian School is a member of the AHSAA and must abide by the “transfer rules” of the Alabama High School Athletic Association. Please contact the Bayshore Christian School athletic department concerning all eligibility requirements.

BCS acknowledges that time outside of the school day is valuable to you and your families and that homework assignments should be assigned purposefully. Completing homework assignments and studying are an integral part of a student’s responsibility toward their own learning. While each Bayshore teacher works diligently each day to present information and facilitate learning, the student must take ownership of their own understanding.

Teachers assign homework primarily for the following reasons:
Extra practice of a new concept or skill
Reading and other preparation for the next class period
Projects, papers, and presentations that require time outside of class instructional time
Incomplete assignments due to mismanagement of class time

Bayshore students should expect to complete homework each night. The time required for homework will vary among students and among grade levels. Students who work efficiently at school will bring home less homework. Students are encouraged to look ahead and manage their time-wisely for long-term projects or papers. Although homework is posted on the FACTS Family Portal, students should not rely primarily on the portal for homework assignments. Students are responsible for noting any changes made to homework, quiz, and test due dates during the school day that may not be immediately reflected on the FACTS Family Portal. No homework or special projects will be assigned over extended holidays.

The first few weeks of a school year are full of new experiences and challenges for both the new and returning students. We provide opportunities for the students to meet their classmates socially at the beginning of the school year.

Parents are invited to join us for an Orientation night.  The Head of School, Principals, and Teachers will share information about the coming year. Students will have the opportunity to visit their classroom on Meet-the-Teacher day to visit with their teacher and meet their classmates

Upper school students have an opportunity to meet new students where they are sorted into their House and enjoy games, pizza, and lots of laughs. During that important first few weeks of school, the BCS teachers are especially attentive and work to help the new students integrate smoothly. We have found that the new students at BCS are very happy and adjusted by the end of the second week of school.

  • A significant factor in the success of 6th-12th grade students is their ability to take notes, organize their papers, manage their study time efficiently, meet assignment deadlines, and account for their after-school commitments as they plan their week of studying. These executive functioning skills are learned during the 6th-8th grade years of brain development. Parental support and at-home training in this area will contribute significantly to the student’s success.

You may apply at anytime for the current year.  Registration for new families for the upcoming school year will open in the second semester.

We are a covenant school and require that at least one parent be a professing Christian and a member in good standing with a local evangelical church.  Parents who wish to enroll their children in BCS are asked to affirm our Statement of Faith and provide a pastoral reference. The BCS current student body represents 61 different area churches.

Limited income-based scholarship funds are available for families who qualify.  Scholarship applications are due by March 1st and award notifications are sent by April 1st.